Medical Design- Simple to Sublime
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We use empathy to manifest intuitive designs for providers and sublime experiences for patients.


We are a medical design company providing innovative solutions for all aspects of medical care. We create, design and execute solutions for everyday medical problems. Our company is a start up combining individuals that have experience in various aspects of the medical field. We use our combined experience of over SEvENTY FIVE years in medicine and our international staff to ideate, prototype and solve problems. WE PARTNER OUR PATENTED DESIGNS AND PRODUCTS WITH INDUSTRY LEADING COMPANIES.
Jeff Frye



A U.S. Air Force Veteran, Frye has over 20 years experience in multiple facets of radiological imaging; having worked in all aspects of X-ray, CT, MRI, and cath lab scenarios.

Milind Dhond

Milind DhonD

VP Design and Innovation

A native of the UK, Dhond is a cardiologist with over thirty  years in medicine. He has numerous publications in the field and contributes his experience to the team.

David Frye

David Frye

VP Engineering and Design

A graduate in environmental science, David's expertise lies in plastic and composite engineering.


A few of our unique innovations

Frye Medical has discovered the simple truth that ideas for some of the most innovative products are right in front of you. With that in mind, Frye Medical has created a niche market in the medical device industry. With the combination of practical application and unique design, Frye Medical is taking their innovative ideas from conceptual design to product line and ready for market.


our vision expands to new medical horizons

Efficiency in Concept

Frye Medical is an innovative company that transforms new product concepts into efficient and easy to use medical products. Ensuring that practical application is the benchmark for success in every product, Frye Medical creates all of their products with a straight forward functional design that fills a specific need in the medical industry.

Simplicity in Design

Function based design is the hallmark of Frye Medical’s products. Ingenuity and a methodical approach has resulted in simple to use medical products for the complex problems found in medical enviroments. From the design phase to inception, Frye Medical’s products assist medical professionals in a multitude of ways.

Innovative Inspiration

Fyre Medical is composed of medical experts and an engineering and design team that have combined forces to create innovative products for everyday medical uses. The innovative inspiration derives from creating reliable, manufacturable and novel products for the medical industry.